Argyll Kilts                   Kilt Hire Service
At Argyll Kilt Hire Service we hire Kilts and Full Highland Dress for all occasions. If you plan on Hiring outfits for a whole group, then Discounts are available.
Tel: 0044 (0) 1389 721757
Monarch of Argyll Tartan
With Charcoal Tweed Crail Jacket.
Loch Lomond Rose Tartan with Prince Charlie Jacket & 5 Button Vest
When deciding to come to our shop to book your Kilt Hire and have your measurements taken, we will be delighted to welcome you here anytime between 10am and 5pm   Monday till Saturday.  No need to make an appointment just come in and see us.
Loch Lomond Rose Tartan
Loch Lomond Millennium Tartan
Monarch of Argyll Tartan
MacDonal of the Isles Modern
Flower of Scotland Tartan
Strathisla Tartan
Dark Isle Tartan
Campbell of Argyll Modern
MacKenzie Modern Tartan
Douglas Modern Tartan
Black Watch Tartan
Spirit of Scotland Tartan
Irish National Tartan
Scotland National Tartan
  Loch Lomond Millennium
        Loch Lomond Rose
      Monarch of Argyll
Mod MacDonald of the Isles
         Flower of Scotland
         Mod MacKenzie
    Mod Campbell of Argyll
               Dark Isle
            Black Watch
        Spirit of Scotland
           Irish National
        Scotland National